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Amplificator digital stereo, 2x20W, Bluetooth 5.0, XY-KA15H


Amplificator digital stereo, 2x20W, Bluetooth 5.0, XY-KA15H

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Amplificator stereo 2x20W Bluetooth 5.0

Tensiune de alimentare: 8-24V, compatibil cu conectorii 5.5-2.1/2.5. Atentie, la tensiuni peste 26V produsul se arde.

Bluetooth: 5.0

Particularitati: Suport control aplicatie Sinilink

Putere iesire: 2x20W

Speaker: 4-16ohm

Intrare: Bluetooth + AUX + U disk + card sunet USB

Numar canale: stanga si dreapta 2 canale (stereo)

Mecanisme protectie: scurtcircuit, supraincalzire, power reverse connection protection

Dimensiune: 77.2x50.3x22.5mm

Nota: Puterea la iesire a alimentatorului trebuie sa fie mai mare decat puterea la iesire a amplificatorului, altfel calitatea sunetului va fi afectata. Daca puterea la iesire e mai mare decat 20W+20W adaugati si un radiator

Precautii utilizare

Audio input mode switch
This product is powered on by default in Bluetooth mode, and the switching mode can be switched by the mobile APP; it can also be switched by the sequence of ac- cessing the device. For example, the module will automat- ically enter the Bluetooth mode after powering on. At this time, plug in the AUX interface and it will automatically switch to AUx. Play; Insert the U disk to automatically switch to U disk playback mode, and the USB sound card function must be switched by the mobile phone APP. Power selection
The power supply range of this product is 8-24VDC, compatible with the standard 5.5-2.1/2.5 power adapter plug, it is recommended to use the standard 12V/24V power adapter, the current output is more than 2A.
1) If the voltage is lower than 8V, Bluetooth will work nor- mally and the mobile phone can be connected, but there is no sound, because the power amplifier chip below 8V cannot work.
2) If the voltage is higher than 26V, the circuit board will be burnt.
Speaker selection
The power amplifier of this product can continuously output 20W*2 power. Speakers from 10W to 200W can be driven. It is recommended to use 8 ohm or 4 ohm speakers. If the power is within 20W of the speaker, ap- propriately lower the power supply voltage (such as 12V power supply) or reduce the playback volume; the larger the power supply voltage of the speaker greater than 20W, the better (within 26V).
When playing music speakers, there is a "hiccup" phe- nomenon. First, consider the insufficient power supply and use a larger power supply; second, consider the power amplifier overheating protection, strengthen
heat dissipation or reduce the playback volume.


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