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Modul senzor electric tip counter


Modul senzor electric tip counter

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Modul senzor electric tip counter (masoara viteza de rotatie).

The photo electric counter uses a groove IR Optocoupler to detect if there is anything between the IR emitter and IR receiver. With this method, this module can detect the number of obstructions in a given time, to detect the speed of the rotation. 
- opto sensor didn't covered, the D0 output logic LOW, the signal indicates LED light, 
- opto sensor covered, the D0 output logic HIGH and the LED off, adjust the potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.


  • Working voltage: 3V - 5V
  • LM393 Comparator to make the output signal easy to read
  • Nothing detected: Output low, LED on; 
  • Obstruction between the emitter and receiver: Output high, LED off.

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