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Tester USB tip C RD TC66C bluetooth, fast charge, 2 way LCD HD

Tester USB tip C de curent si tensiune RD TC66C bluetooth, fast charge, 2 way LCD HD voltmetru si ampermetru
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Tester USB tip C de curent si tensiune, RD TC66C bluetooth, fast charge, 2 way, LCD HD color. Se livreaza in cutie de plastic.

Link pentru download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pqn0ybytqpy7n/TC66



Port USB: tip C

Expansion port: MICRO-USB

Tensiune de intrare: 3.5 - 24V

Interval masurare tensiune: 0.005 - 30.0000V

Rezolutie tensiune: 0.1mV (0.0001V)

Interval masurare curent: 0-5.00000A

Rezolutie masurare curent: 0.01mA (0.00001A)

Interval putere: 0-150W

Interval masurare temperatura: 0-80 grade Celsius

Temperatura de functionare: 0-45 grade Celsius

Metoda masurare: curentul circula in ambele directii

Dimensiuni: 49mm x 22mm x 8mm

Display: color 0.96 inch IPS

Rezolutie ecran: 160*80

Greutate: 8 grame

Comunicatie APP: minim Android 5.0, minim iOS 8.0

Protocol fast charge identificabil: QC2.0,QC3.0,APPLE2.4A/2.1 A/ 1A /0. 5,Android DCP,SAMSUNG

Protocol fast charge suportat: QC2.0,QC3.0,Huawei FCP,Huawei SCP, SAMSUNG AFC,PD


1.Main Interface
2.Offline Recording Interface
3.Quick Charge Recognition Interface
4.Quick Charge Protocol Detection Interface
5.Trigger Interface
6.System Setting Interface
7.System Information Interface
8.Simple Measurement Interface

Functie comunicare:

PC software: work on Win7 or above / (PC software can only be connected by Micro-USB cable) / Mobile Phone: Android5.0 or above;IOS8.0 above / (Mobile Phone can only be connected to TC66C by Bluetooth)

Functii speciale:

1.detect supported/unsupported fast charge protocol
2.TC66(C) can store Voltage/Current data temporarily,and view data on PC software/APP when connected.
3.Trigger/decoy operation/PD tirgger operation
4.adjust screen brightness
5.rotate screen direction
6.CC line mode select
7.Language select
8.Restore factory settings
9.Check Products series number/Firmware revision number/Boot times/Running time
10.Only show Voltage measurement/Current measurement/Power measurement/Current direction at Simple Measurement Interface



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